Monday, March 12, 2012

Love and the Brain

Last night, I watched a fabulous short film called "The Love Competition" by Brett Hoff. I saw it on Wholphin (which I subscribe to and love), but the piece can be viewed *right now* on Vimeo:, and I recommend you check it out asap.

The premise? A team of Stanford neuroscientists scans the brains of a half-dozen or so competitors (aged 10-75) as they love as hard as they can for five minutes. MRI scans reveal the winners! The brain reveals all, perhaps.

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Jilanne Hoffmann said...

I did check it out. Very cool. Reminds me of this thing we watched at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago last year. They wired two "competitors" and asked them to try to feel as stress free as possible. A marker, starting in the middle between the two would move to toward the most stressed person and away from the blissed out one. It was pretty cool to hear what each was thinking while they were being tested. Anyway, I blather on. Ciao! Jill