Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Olaf recommended by Books on the Nightstand--in Podcast!

Books on the Nightstand--"illuminating conversations on books and reading"-- included a segment on Doctor Olaf in this week's podcast.

Ann Kingman says the following about Olaf:
I heard from one of my bookseller friends...'have you read Doctor Olaf van Schuler's Brain, because if you haven't, let me know and I'm going to send you a copy.' And for a bookseller to offer to send me a book always means that I have to drop everything and read it because it's just that good... I absolutely loved it.

To hear the entire podcast, see Episode 22. Check out Books ont he Nightstand on Facebook or Goodreads or at Books on the Nightstand.

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Ann said...

Thanks so much for checking out Books on the Nightstand -- more importantly, thanks for writing such an original and spectacular book!