Monday, December 8, 2008

Reviewed in Romanian?!

Doctor Olaf was reviewed by Andrei Bacalu in Jurnalul National. Entitled "O familie imaginară", the review resembles the one that appeared in the NYT in structure and content, with a few new twists (perhaps introduced by google translator?). According to the google translation, the review opens:
Trust given to doctors, after an amazing story full of errors, the dominant note of the volume of "brain Dr Olaf van Schuler. It is the story, divided into several short prose, independent only at first sight, in which doctors play, often without drift, the main role.

Other enjoyable translation moments include:
Beliefs on when the doctors seem to be the fruit of sick minds--how else could we explain with certainty that it says that a drinker can light up in blue and millstone burnt by fire.

Reaching the van Schuler family history in the twentieth century, meet a doctor elated by the mammary implants with silicone.

To read the complete translation, see An imaginary family.

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