Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doctor Olaf, making the rounds

Today, I noticed that Doctor Olaf is now available as a Kindle edition on Amazon. Although I've resolved to buy books at local bookstores, I think the digital edition is pretty cool! I have yet to use (or even see) a Kindle. I know I'd miss the feeling of holding a book, but the convenience of having books beamed to my reading device is alluring. I wish the library had a system like that...

Speaking of libraries, I also swung by the San Francisco Public Library and took a quick break from research to look up Olaf in the card catalogue. All copies are out! And it appears that several people are waiting to read returned copies (and that more copies are under consideration). I was very happy to see that. I also stumbled on a nice review by the Roger's Memorial Library:
Menger-Anderson is an incredible writer who creates a collection of interconnected stories that are fascinating, hilarious and beautiful.

To read the entire review, see Roger's Memorial Library website.

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