Saturday, June 7, 2008

Olaf reviewed in Publishers Weekly

This just in--the first review of DOCTOR OLAF VAN SCHULER'S BRAIN, from Publishers Weekly:

Doctor Olaf van Schuler’s Brain
Kirsten Menger-Anderson. Algonquin, $22.95 (304p) ISBN 978-1-56512-561-2

Menger-Anderson’s vivid and original collection follows several generations of New York doctors and charts the social and political forces that shaped New York City from the 17th century to today. Dr. Olaf van Schuler emigrates from Holland to New Amsterdam in 1664 and continues his study of animal brains. After he has a child by Adalind Steenwycks, each subsequent generation spins out in its own story, concluding with Dr. Elizabeth Steenwycks, the medical researcher daughter of Dr. Stuart Steenwycks, a plastic surgeon dying of a rare and fatal brain malady. Each generation applies the then current medical wisdom to tasks as varied as explaining a death by spontaneous combustion, resuscitating a boy’s corpse and using phrenology to predict human behavior. In the early 1970s, Americans’ obsession with their body image arises in the woeful tale of Sheila Talbot, 21, whose leaky breast implants hark back to the less-than-helpful medicine practiced in previous generations. The reader can follow how far medicine has advanced, but, surprisingly, note how human suffering and misery hasn’t come such a long way. (Oct.)

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William said...

Great review! Very exciting.

kma said...

Thanks, William! I was (am) pretty psyched!

Donna said...

An excellent review--I think this bodes very well for the success of the book!

kma said...

Thanks, Donna! I was pretty happy with the review.