Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cerebrum 2008!

Today, I noticed that one of my favorite science writers, Carl Zimmer, has written the forward to a new brain book coming out April 4: Cerebrum 2008: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science. From the description:

The featured articles offer thought-provoking analyses of the human brain and its untapped possibilities, touching on topics as diverse as how discoveries in brain science can help us design better the best nursing facilities for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, the risks and rewards of new drugs based on living cells, why remembering our past is essential to planning the future, and when we can and should use drugs to control our emotional lives. Top scientists and scholars—including acclaimed science writer Carl Zimmer, psychiatrist Paul M. McHugh, neurologist Michael Selzer, and neurobiologist Vivan Teichberg—clearly and concisely explain these and many other exciting developments on the horizon.

The articles have been culled from Cerebrum's Web edition. Looks like an interesting collection!

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