Monday, January 21, 2008

Rain and fog

The good news is: I put up my website!

I also hired a photographer to take some author pics today, and then rescheduled the shoot for tomorrow since it's raining and cold here in SF, and we'd planned to take the photos in Golden Gate Park. New expenses to add to the publicity budget so far: hair and makeup ($70 for the hair, and $60 for makeup, which I don't wear. In fact, I put myself at the mercy of the Clinique people--a gaggle of well made up folks who wear white lab coats to provide the comfortable familiarity of a doctor's office as they apply foundation, lipstick, and mascara--for guidance (foundation, application technologies, and "natural" colors). I suppose it's only fitting that the entire investment got bedraggled on my pre-cancel-the-photo-shoot-trip up to the park; it isn't really what I look like anyway. Oh, yes. And I also bought a new shirt: $50 for a navy blue tunic that I decided was appropriate for the photos since it (a) is a solid color (b) has classical lines, and (c) fits.

That's the news here. Hope you're all warm and dry.

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