Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let's hear it for progress!

Week one of my promotional efforts has nearly come to a close! I made another purchase: a one-year subscription to for $19.95. Finding such a great brain repository was well worth the expense. I'd much rather pay a little than spend a day searching for free clipart online.

In other news, I've nearly finished the beta version of my website. It's pretty straightforward, but I think it better to put up something simple than to putter away on a site for weeks instead of writing fiction. I decided to use Google Groups for the mailing list, and have played around with that a little bit with the hopes that I'll iron out any kinks before anyone other than me and my husband join. I also figured out how to set up email for my new domains and how to FTP to them. The GoDaddy site is hard to navigate at first, but I think I have things working. Will see if the email bounces.

And finally, I submitted an application to be an author on, a new site for writers. I'll hear in a few weeks if I qualify. The site looks interesting and was recently written up in the SF Chronicle.

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